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Fairness and transparency are the basic qualities of building inspectors

When you buy a building, you will be making a huge investment of your lifetime savings. Therefore, you will have to exercise greater caution while making such purchases. Before you enter into an agreement with the seller, you should ensure the building you are planning to purchase is of good quality. For this, you will have to get the building inspection reports Brisbane professionals give.



The building inspector should leave no stone unturned to provide you an unbiased report.  In fact, according to the recent reports it has been found that some of the building inspectors have resorted to taking thermal imaging of the building to provide an unbiased report. The building inspector should adopt such modern scientific procedures to provide a fair report.

Law relating to building inspection report:

Thermal imaging is very helpful not only in evaluating the life of the building but also in pest control mechanism. On the other hand, inspection report is one of the important records based on which your banker will evaluate your eligibility for the loan. In fact, according to the law prevailing in Australia, the building inspector is expected to carry out an unbiased, objective and thorough inspection of the building and provide the report on the same day. The report should provide separate details of the minor and major defects if any in the building.

Only a licensed inspector’s report:

The law requires that such building inspection reports Brisbane professionals provide should be prepared by a licensed building inspector. In fact, according to the law, the financial institution should act only on the building report provided by the licensed building inspector and none else. Also, there are several categories of building inspectors. Therefore, you must ensure the building inspector is duly authorized to inspect and provide report on the type of building that you are planning to purchase.

Inspection during the construction process:

The report of the building inspector is necessary not only for purchase of a building but also for renovation of an existing building. In some cases the funding banker may require the building inspector to provide building inspection report even during the construction of the building. In such cases, the building inspector will visit the building at different stages of the construction process so as to ensure the building work is being carried out according to the approved plan. Building Pro

Stages of inspection of the building:

Normally, inspection of the building during the process of construction is done in four different stages. The first stage is called as footing inspection which is made during the stage of preparing the land for construction. Next stage is slab inspection i.e. at the time of foundation and fixing base slab. The third stage of inspection is carried out at the time of fixing frames for doors and so on. The final inspection is done after the construction process is complete.

Periodical inspection report:

 Apart from these, the law also prescribes that the building inspector should conduct water proofing inspection of the building. As and when the inspection is conducted, the building inspector will prepare exclusive building inspection reports Brisbane financial institutions require. Based on this report, the institution will release further funds on loan.

Visit the building inspectors online:

There are some reputed building inspectors like the http://www.buildingpro.com.au/ who are known for their transparency and fairness in reporting the evaluation of the building in question. The service charges of such building inspectors will not cause any burden on your wallet. You may visit such building inspectors to know more about the services they offer.

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