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Discover how property managers can help you manage your real estate business

Proficient property managers can add major value to investment in real estate. This explains why most investors in this area find a reputable management company worth investing in.  May be you know that asset management companies exist, but you do not know exactly what they do. Property managers are third parties who are hired to oversee the operations of real estate’s investments. The managers can manage various types of assets from large apartments to single family homes. Below are some of the services a property management Norman Park has to offer.

Market appraisal

Property managers have the ability to offer an independent evaluation of the reasonable rent for a property. Some first time investors are likely to set high weekly rent than they would charge. This may lead to loss of income due to high vacancy rate.

Tenant selection

Landlords are required to conduct a cautious background check on every tenant to ensure their tenancy takes a responsible approach. Choosing the right tenants is crucial for a property owner, as good tenants are likely to take care of the property and pay rent on time.  Property management companies are able to access useful information about individuals who have a reputation of being terrible tenant.  The mangers undertake a background check on people aspiring to rent the property before allocating the properties,


Most property managers keep a list of people who they think would want to rent a property. Again, many potential tenants contact property managers to get information about assets available for rent. In addition, property management Norman Park has to offer market the properties through internet marketing which is very popular today.

Viewing the assets

Most people looking for a property to lease, want to see the property during their free hours like weekends and evenings.  This makes showing potential tenants the asset take time. Land lords are usually engaged in their work, thus may be difficult for them to locate the ideal person to rent their property.

Tenant retention

Investors aim at keeping good tenants. Good Metrocity Realty tenants are likely to vacate a property, if the property owner is not keen to offer high quality services.  For instance, the land lord may take long to fix a faulty air conditioner, since he or she is too engaged to personal issues.  Property management  assures landlords that tenants complaints are handled promptly thus reduce vacancy rates.


 The investors acquire protection wherever tenants sign and complete the contract of agreement. A valid contract should clearly outline the duties of the property owner and the tenants. It is common for some property owners to ignore this important part of leasing an asset.  This leads to problems between the owner and the tenant.

It is certain that hiring property management Norman Park has to offer has personal benefits to the property owners. For most investors, time is money.  They can spend their time profitably in other areas, but not servicing their properties. Also, relying on property managers leaves property owners with ample time to spend with their family and friends. Please visit http://www.metrocityrealty.com.au.

Updated: February 13, 2018 — 2:29 pm
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