Beautifully Capture Your Wedding to Last Forever

One of the smartest investments in your wedding is get everything immortalized in videos and photographs. Gone are the days when a wedding is only tastefully frozen in pictures. Now, artistic developments brought a wedding film look to the once simple wedding video. However, many still want stunning wedding photographs. Life Studios Inc, is an award-winning cinematography and photography boutique in Vancouver, Canada and Sydney, Australia.

Wedding Photography

On your special day, the things you want to remember: the venue, the table setting, the most beautiful flowers, that dress that took you forever to decide on, your hairstyle and the crazy antics of your friends; these simple, priceless moments, are what a good photographer captures.

It helps to know the basics of wedding photography so you save time and get the exact, intangible appeal in your wedding photos.

Types of photographers

They’re artists so don’t expect photographers of a certain type to take exactly the same pictures.

* Traditional photographer – He puts everyone in a certain spot, tells them where to look, when to smile, so he gets the posed shot look he wants.

* Journalistic photographer – Think of reality TV and you get the idea.

* Balanced photographer – Combination of a traditional photographer and a journalistic photographer.

Life Studios Inc photographers bring their flair to immortalize your wedding memories in unique creativity and elegance.

Wedding photography styles

Generally, these dictate how your wedding photographs look.

* Digital – The most common because it has the biggest advantage. Digital cameras shoot beautifully in a very low light. Not only that, the photographer previews shots and adjusts them for creative purposes.

* Film – Time and labour intensive, this is also expensive. Images have a soft quality to them. Highlights and shadows are obvious for effect. Editing may take four weeks.

* Classic – It stands the test of time. They’re gorgeous and a little formal. Seen pictures of your grandparents’ wedding? Classic photos have a documentary, reality feel but shot with an artistic eye.

* Artistic – Capturing the bride in her most beautiful angle? This isn’t artistic photography. Artistic photography is capturing moments, that uniquely show the love and happiness the couple have, and taking it to another level.

* Lifestyle – Have a photojournalism look. It’s the photographer doing candid shots but also setting, styling the scene. Pictures have a relaxed feel.

* Dramatic – Photographers spend time mastering this. Lighting is key. A true professional makes his own light when the sun doesn’t cooperate. This is one of the undeniable reasons behind great photographs.

* Documentary – In the moment shots are in angles that bring out the best look. The artist captures candid moments that are special only to the couple. Group portraits show intimate, candid locations.

This is only the tip of the iceberg and a general description of what Life Studios Inc offers. Their more than 20 years of combined experience in photography, cinematography, fashion, broadcast and even sound engineering guarantee that you get five times more than what you pay for.

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